Join us and experience the thrill of Radio Control Aviation

Join us and experience the thrill of Radio Control Aviation


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Next Club Meeting:

Nov. 4, 2017 at 10:00am

Will be held at the field.

Welcome to the Triple Creek website!

If you’re looking at this page that means you’re probably interested in joining, or finding out more information about our club.  Triple Creek is considered a new club.  At this writing we are approximately 8 years old.  But in those eight years we have grown into a first class club and RC airfield.

Joining the Triple Creek RC Club (TCRC) provides wonderful opportunities for new pilots, as well as seasoned pilots.  TCRC offers an RC field that’s compared to no other.  We have a 350 foot paved runway, large flat mowed outfield, three taxiways, a large open area for parked aircraft, a covered pit area with work tables and electricity at every station.  We also have a spectators area, a kitchen and serving area.  What more can you ask for!?  Oh, how about a great group of RC enthusiast that love to fly, instruct and just hang out! If you are a new pilot and are interested in getting started, you can contact a member and we can set up an intro flight.  This will give you the chance to experience firsthand, what it’s like to fly an RC aircraft.


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